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LEPUTAI focuses on developing and manufacturing components of laser printers, the principal products including: developer rollers, primary charging rollers, supply rollers, doctor blades, wiper blades and more.
Through special formula design and precise processing technology, our products meet the requirements of high precision for laser printers, achieving stable quality and making contributions to the development of the printer industry.precision for laser printers, achieving stable quality and making contributions to the development of the printer industry.

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    The sending roller combines the properties of sponge foam and conductive polymer technology, effectively maintaining the stability of the supply toner powder, keeping low torsion, and maintaining stab
To meet the increasing needs of the business and better service to customers, we at LEPUTAI have established a research center in Beijing, we have established a subsidiary company in the Dongguan Songshan Lake, and we have set up branch offices in Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

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