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Since the establishment of Leputai, we have engaged in the production of high quality laser printer components and printer imaging system solutions. For years, LEPUTAI has focused on the customers and winning their confidence by introducing talent, improving research, and developing technology, production, marketing and quality control.
Our company’s target goal is the long-term sustainable development of enterprises, continuing to create value and development opportunities for shareholders, customers, employees and society. We firmly believe that producing high quality products is the only way to achieve this goal, and also to guarantee the continued development of enterprises. To this end we must enforce our research and development and expand our product area, through introduction of new materials and continuing to improve the quality of our products. We can provide the highest quality of products and services to our customers. It has been proven that this effort has elicited good feedback from our customers.
LEPUTAI’s philosophy places much emphasis on environmental issues and the recycling of products in order to reduce damage to the environment. We ensure that not only the materials given to us by suppliers but also the materials used in our production process do not cause environmental damage. Our target is to build a green society, and we will continue working toward this goal.
As a the laser printer's core components development production enterprise, through the high polymer conductive material development and precision machining technology......

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